Yui Kakinuma

Major Works

Works for Orchestra
Meditation Symphonique; Orch. (1986)
Arioso; Orch (1989) ---Premiered by Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra
Entrance; Orch (1992) ---Commissioned by Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
Das Glasperlenspiel; Str. Orch. (1995) ---Premiered by Slovak Chamber Orchestra
“To the Cherry Blossom”; Shakuhachi, Vn., Str. Orch. (1999) ---Commissioned by English Chamber Orchestra
The Mango Forest; Orch., Narrator (2003) ---Commissioned by Osaka Symphoniker
Legend - Tone poem based on "DOJOJI"; Orch.(2004) ---Premiered by Prague Symphony Orchestra
Das Glasperlenspiel Nr.2; Solo Violin, Str. Orch. (2007)
The Garden of Haydn; Orch. (2009) ---Premiered by Austro-Hungarian Haydn Philharmonic

Chamber Works
Retentissement; Vc., Pf. (1982)
Koku-sho; Pf., Bass (1984)
String Quartet No.1 (1987)
Serenade; Ob., 2Vc., Hp. (1988)
Music for Violin, Piano and Kendang; Vn., Pf., Indonesian drums (1994)
String Quartet No.2 (1999)
"From the Deep Forest"; Shakuhachi, Vn., Vc. (2007)
KAGETSU - Etude on the name of Haydn; Vn., Vc., Pf. (2008) ---Commissioned by Haydn Festival 2009
Trois Miniatures (1.Camellia 2.Chrysanthemum 3.Lilium); Violin, Pf. (2009-2011)

Instrumental Works
Paeonia; Pf. (1989) ---Commissioned by Aki Takahashi
Echo and Narcissus; Org. (2005) ---Commissioned by Yokohama Minatomirai Hall
Tapisserie d'avril; Org. (2006)
Lotus; Org. (2006) ---Commissioned by Liliko Fukai
Puer natus est nobis; Vn. solo (2006)
Vents de Pèrlinage; Org. (2010) ---Awarded "2010prix de la Fondation Marcelle et Robert de Lacour pour la musique et la danse" at the "concours 2010 de composition d'orgue du Festival de Saint-Bertrand de Comminges"
La Lune; Org. (2012) ---Commissioned by Anne McAlister for Philip Sawyer
Le Soleil; Org. (2012) ---Commissioned by Kanagawa Kenmin Hall for Makiko Hayashima
Hana; Org. (2012) ---Commissioned by Tsukiji Hongwanji

Vocal Works
Hymn; Tenor, Pf. (1985)